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With over 20 years in the safety and security field, combined with private sector business experience, I have many skills to assist persons in a variety of circumstances.  Former Law Enforcement Detective, Police Firearms Instructor, Co-Director of Youth Violence Task Force, Rape Crisis Board member, varied Specialty Training Courses, Executive Protection Training Programs & Personal Protection Training.  Former Emergency Medical Technician & Fire Service Training helps us see the broader picture of your situation.

We partner with a network of investigators nationwide, and worldwide if need be.  Our partners are vetted and possess highly specialized skills and knowledge.  Your case will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, to protect your privacy.

We will provide you with an experienced investigator that will work with you from beginning to end, for a thorough and honest assessment for your individualized needs.  Integrity and accountability are important to us, and are demonstrated to our clients by providing outstanding service and communication.  We will handle your situation discreetly and professionally, while protecting your identity, assets, and safety.  Our Investigators know the law, and have the experience to accomplish the goal and minimize the client's liability and exposure.

We have worked with clients during difficult and stressful periods in their lives, to bring them some peace to the problems that they are facing, call today for a consult, and allow us to assist you.

If you get involved in a situation or get arrested, an experienced investigator that gets on the case immediately, can help an experienced attorney possibly get the case resolved before charges are formally filed.  DO NOT WAIT AND SEE IF YOU ARE CHARGED, it only gets more costly and your odds decrease when evidence gets lost, or becomes “unavailable”, witnesses disappear or clam up.  Those of my colleagues who carry concealed, and are “protectors” whether on the clock, or off the clock, need to have a plan to protect themselves.  It only takes seconds to change your future freedom.

In my experience as an investigator, I have worked on more than a few cases of people for example, being accused of Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon (Firearm) w/out intent to kill, and those who have had to use Deadly Force with a Firearm.  Even in cases where it is a clear case of self-defense and you must use deadly force, give only your basic identification information, and say you will make a complete statement of what happened when your attorney is present.  If you have been accused, whether it is a he said/she said, all the more reason to STFU.  Face the fact that you need an attorney to protect your future freedom, and increase your chances of surviving the aftermath of the situation and SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND SIT DOWN.  If you are working and this happens to you or a co-worker, have a pre-arranged agreement to look after that person and tell them to sit down, shut up and get them an attorney before they open their mouth.  I cannot stress this enough, keep a number in your phone, a card in  your wallet, or whatever you need.  As a former law enforcement officer, we were told this to protect ourselves in the event of a shooting.

Mr. James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School and a former defense attorney, tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.  There is a link at the end of this lengthy post.  Being a former LEO, it sounds like what was drilled into us, should we be put in this situation. though now a civilian it applies many times over.

Reasons Why Not To TALK To Police        ----    THERE IS NO WAY IT CAN HELP

There is no way you can talk your way out of being arrested
You can’t give them any information that will help you at trial.
What you tell the police will be used against you, but what you say in your defense will not be used to help you at trial. Check the rules of evidence.

If you are guilty of something or innocent, you may admit to something with no benefit in return.

There is no rush to talk to police.
If you are in a situation you are stopped by police, you can tell them who you are and perhaps why you are where you are, after that, say you will make a further statement once your attorney is present.  AND STOP TALKING!  Ask them if you are free to leave, and if you are, leave immediately.
Any statement you make, will be admitted into evidence, even if all other circumstances do not withstand the time it takes to process thru the system.

 Even Innocent people confess to things they did not do.  (See the Innocence Project) 

In 25% of DNA exonerations the defendants pled guilty, or made incriminating statements, or made outright confessions to things they did not do.

4.  Even if you are innocent or mostly innocent, you might make a statement or get carried away talking nervously and say something that trips        you up.
5. Even if you are innocent of what they are accusing you of, and you tell the truth, you will always give the police something they did not know and that could be used to convict you.    
6. Because you invoke your 5th Amendment right to self-incrimination, it does not mean that you are guilty or hiding anything.  Things the police recall in testimony may not be an accurate account of what was said, and it becomes your word against theirs.  In lengthy police interrogations, you cannot remember under duress, all that is said and you have no record of it.

You can not put a price on an experienced attorney that will work on your case, be responsive, not just work to get a retainer collected.  That is also something I cannot stress enough.  

 If you wish to watch the lecture of Mr. James Duane, law professor, it is available on UTUBE.

Missing Persons                      Reasons Why To Hire Private Investigative Help

  • If an adult or late teen, and you go missing, NO ONE WILL LOOK FOR YOU EXCEPT FRIENDS AND FAMILY
  • Systematic elimination of possible explanation for absence
  • Trained investigators know how to multitask, see the big picture, but stay focused and understand subtle clues that might be avenues to           investigate, while not being distracted by the chaos and frantic family or loved ones.
  • Not bound by jurisdictions, department policies and other restrictions, can just get to work and get some answers.
  • If foul play is evident, experienced offenders know multi jurisdictional is paramount to not being found.
  • Former law enforcement know when to pause and recognize evidentiary recovery and preservation of evidence, and crime scene                     protection.
  • Some witnesses are more willing to talk to non- law enforcement because of fear and past experience.  We don’t judge victim’s  past                 deeds, and whether they are worth to be looked for.



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